Summer Traveling With Kids #MommyMonday

Traveling in the summertime is like hot cocoa in the winter. It's just what you do. And that might mean a weekend trip to the grandparents 3 hours away or a 3 hour flight to Disneyland. I am currently staying with my sister in Long Beach, California. Se is due tomorrow with her 3rd baby…and her first girl! We are all excited about pink up in here! But I digress…

Since my husband and I are in the middle of buying a house, he stayed home to pack and finalize a few more things. So I sent my 7 year old down the week before me on a plane. By. Him. Self. I was super nervous and cried as his plane left the gate, but I knew he would be safe. And the end of last week I flew down to Long Beach with my 13 month old (My stepsons are on a vacation with their mom). Traveling with kids is no easy task. I learned a few things this past week so I put together a few tips for road trips, flights and living away from home in general. I hope it helps with your next trip!

Tips For Traveling With Kids:

-Pack Snacks. Use a gallon size bag for each child and pack snacks for each one with their name on it. That way each child knows what they have and it makes it easy to pass them out in the car. And it makes them feel special. This works for air travel too.

-Plan Naps. Try to schedule nap times around travel. I know this can be a tough one, but keeping a child up until you begin your drive will surely bring a peaceful car ride. Fingers crossed anyway!

-Moomy. No that wasn't a typo. Moomy is what my 13 month old calls his little blanket with a cow head on it. Basically, children need to be comforted sometimes, especially when they are in a new place. Encourage them to bring a stuffed animal or soft pillow in the car.

-Technology. Sometimes technology is totally your friend. A DVD player in the car for long road trips or an iPad can really help entertain your child when he has to sit on a plane for hours at a time.

-Non-Tech Activities. I sent my 7 year old with a new sketch book, colored pencils and some new dinosaur stencils. I wouldn't let him use them until he got on the plane, which made him really exited to go. I thought it would help since he was a little nervous the night before the flight. Klutz makes some cool activity books and kits.

-Motion Sickness Relief. My husband gets really sick on planes. You never know if your child will be nauseous from a plane ride, until you get there. So it is best to be prepared. Sea Band makes a really cool child pack of sea-bands that is a drug-free, natural way to provide relief.

You never know what's going to happen when you are traveling with kids. So be prepared with a flexible, positive attitude. I hope you enjoy a vacation this summer (even if it's a backyard camp out!), good luck!



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