Smooth Morning Routines Start The Night Before {My Guest Blog} #mommymonday


I’m so thankful for acquaintance turned blogger friend, Rebecca Dashow. She is everything fashion and attitude and confidence. I love it and her! We have been talking over the past few months about blogging, motherhood, scheduling, organization, blogging, you name it. I work outside the home full-time and I’ve got kids in school plus one still at home with a nanny so Rebecca and I began talking about my morning routine. I have to be on task or I can get pretty frazzled. Heck, ANY morning, on task or not, I can get frazzled. But I have found that there are a few things that keep our morning routines running smoothly. So, Rebecca asked me to guest blog and tell all about my morning routine. So here goes…but you’ll have to click over to Rebecca’s blog on Tuesday, April 23rd, to read my full blog post. Be sure to read her other posts, especially the one about early spring fashion. So, click HERE on Tuesday, to find the entire blog post on a smooth morning routine.

Gotta run, my morning routine starts now–Monday night!!


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