Is Sex Important To Your Marriage?

Nookie. Makin' woopie. Intimacy. Human mating. Let's call it what it is. Sex. Sex is a magical thing. Fundamentally, it is how we grow our families. It is how we connect. Would you agree that couples that are the happiest have great sex lives? But really…how important is sex in your marriage?

Is Sex Important To Your Marriage?

Me and the Husband on our wedding day.

I believe that sex is an indicator of intimacy. Yes, there are other ways of showing you love your spouse, but if sex is super low on your list of priorites, there may be a problem. It could be that you don't desire your spouse that much. Or maybe you have a lack of self confidence. Both of these issues should be addressed. Sex is a good indicator of your level of physical intimacy in your marriage. (Please note: I definitely understand being a tired, working Mom with no energy at the end of the day so that is not what I am talking about here. There are also such things like hormonal imbalances after having children that lower your sex drive, so that may be something you want to discuss with your doctor.)

I believe that sex bonds couples together. It instills trust and faith in your marriage that you are desired by your partner. It allows you to be honest and bring passion into your marriage. It is healthy to be in a marriage with desire and passion. Sex will give you intimate moments that you share with your partner alone and will bring the two of you closer. When you are close, you can be honest. When you are honest about your needs, wants or worries, then you will be able to connect on an extremely intimately level. And that is a good feeling.

I believe that sex helps to solve problems. You know that saying at the end of a fight, “Let's kiss and make up?” Well, it really works. You are two people in a marriage, there WILL be times that we will not agree with our spouse. It will be an agree to disagree. FOREVER. So nothing helps to bury the hatchet more than passion and love. When we argue with our spouse, it is a total romantic buzzkill. Sex helps to light that passion, fire and romance to bring you together again and remind you why you married your spouse.

I asked my facebook friends for intimacy tips today. Go to my facebook page to see the full story advice. Thank you for sharing ladies!

Cyndi said, “Go on dates…read books together…(Loveology by John Mark Comer)…serve eachother…extend copious amounts of grace…”

Lindsay said, “I think a big thing is to be honest…”

Obviously, there ae even more ways to deepen your intimacy with your spouse, sex is just one way. Tell me in the comments below what you do in your marriage to deepen your intimacy and what you do to keep the romance alive!



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