I Shop Goodwill, Do You? #whyishopgoodwill

Whether you're rich or poor, everyone loves a good deal, right? When I was younger, shopping at a second-hand store meant you were poor and couldn't afford new clothes. Now, thanks to the Olsen Twins and Macklemore, thrifting is cool again. Really, really cool.

Earlier this month, the Goodwill asked me to be a part of their campaign “Why I Shop Goodwill.” I thought YES! What a fantastic way to show that we can shop local, save money and recycle our clothing! The Goodwill asked me to find an outfit at the Goodwill and then be photographed in it.

I found this grey and yellow Mossimo dress at the North Tacoma Goodwill for $3.99. I don't know the original price of the dress, but I browsed Target's website and found a similar dress that cost $27.99! I'd say that's a pretty good savings!


The jacket I found was at BLUE, a Goodwill boutique that features more of a designer-brand, upscale selection of clothing for men and women. I noticed lots of Tommy Bahama pullovers. The yellow jacket I picked out was Jones New York Signature. I bought it for $15. I recognize that $15 may seem like a lot to pay for a blazer/jacket at a second-hand store, but I researched online and found a similar Jones New York jacket for $179! Now THAT is a savings.


And the Goodwill isn't just a good place to find clothes. I found this toilet paper roll stand for our bathroom for $1.99.

I encourage you to check out the Goodwill hashtag #whyishopgoodwill and tag your thrifty finds! Tag me on Twitter so I can see what you found. Let's shop local and save money together. Visit the Goodwill and learn more about how they are changing lives through the work they are doing for our community.

Happy Thrifting!



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