How to Have a Sexy Night-In with Your Husband

Once you have children, your marriage will never be the same. For me, I was married AFTER I had my son and then I inherited two more active boys. So for me and my husband, bedtime for the boys begins our time alone in the evenings. And we take full advantage of our alone time when we have it!

We try to keep a bedtime routine, this is good for everyone . My dear husband finishes bath time while I get PJ’s ready. Then we get the boys ready for bed–> brush teeth, go potty, snuggle in bed, say our prayers and last but certainly not least, kiss and hug goodnight. Usually three times. Sometimes we may have to go back in their room a few times, since the two younger ones share a room, they don’t always go to bed right away.

After the boys go to sleep, we sometimes open a bottle of good red wine. While it is aerating we clean up the house a bit. Nothing ruins the mood like dirty socks or a baseballs on the living room floor. We light sweet-smelling candles and then relax and enjoy a glass of wine. Sometimes we add olives and spicy cheese. We love to sit on the couch and talk about the week, our children, future business plans and goals. Nothing is more sexy to me than a man that loves to talk about future goals. This will put me in the mood for sure. Really, a sexy night in is more than lingerie and candles. It is about enjoying your spouse. It is about taking the time to appreciate your spouse and cherish your alone time. And remembering what made you laugh when you were dating. Elaborate plans aren’t needed. Just plan a secret rendezvous in the living room and who knows where it will lead…


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