My Frozen Food Confession + Schwan’s Gift Card Giveaway!

When my friend, Jen Amato, asked me if I knew about Schwan’s I said “Yeah, the truck we used to get ice cream sandwiches from when I was little!” She laughed. Schwan’s has a whole lot more than ice cream. Many people don’t know all that the Schwan’s truck offers when they come rolling through your neighborhood every week. So, I tried it out. Thanks to Jen, I ordered $100 of Schwan’s food for my brood of boys to test. Here’s the outcome. (Be sure to scroll down and enter my Schwan’s gift card giveaway!)

Spoiler Alert! I now like frozen food. I have never really bought much frozen food before. We don’t buy a lot of processed food. It’s mostly meats, fruits, veggies, condiments and some snacks and cereal for the cupboards. So when I talked with Jen, I was a little reluctant to try Schwan’s. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and scrolled through to make my choices. I found chicken breasts, asparagus, mahi mahi, a large variety of frozen vegetables/berries/fruits and even turkey-pork meatballs. So, then I thought okay I could do this. I thought many items would have a lot of sodium being frozen, but surprisingly they had many options labeled LIVE SMART which means they are a healthy, low-sodium, low-preservative option. I also ordered the tortellini salad kit-so yummy!

And Jen has the Schwan’s PALEO dinner menu here. Her PALEO plan is $139/adult for a month of dinners. Love it! Jen actually really loves helping busy Moms like us meal plan, find out more about her meal planning at I also want to mention that my boys loved the blueberry muffins. They were packaged easily so that I could take out as little or as many little balls of dough that I wanted to and pop them in the oven for 30 and ooh-la-la…fresh muffins!

(Don’t forget to enter my Schwan’s gift card giveaway below!)

Paleo Dinner GuideI wasn’t home when Kevin, the Schwan’s guy arrived. My Mom was watching my youngest son at my house. She said Kevin asked her if she wanted him to bring the food in, so he did. Then he helped my Mom put it all in the freezer. What a nice guy!

This past month was a really busy month at work for me and my husband. It was really nice to have healthy frozen options ready to go for weeknight dinners. I will definitely be ordering on a regular basis to have healthy options on hand. It’s like having a personal assistant deliver your groceries to your doorstep. Yes, please!

Visit Jen and tell her the Tacoma Working Mom sent you. She will surely have some discount codes for you. (Use “JENNIF15” saves you 15% at And I have TWO Schwan’s gift card to giveaway, enter to win right here!
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