Days 8 & 9: Pet Peeves + Bucket List #31DayMarch

I’ve decided I will group some days together this month for my 31 day blog challenge. So here are days 8 and 9.

Day 8: Pet Peeves
My number one pet peeve is condensation. You know the water that forms on the outside of your glass? I always wrap a paper towel around my glasses. Ask my husband. Oh and wet towels left on the floor! Ugh. Punctuation and grammar errors are annoying. Unless I do it, then it’a endearing, right? 😉 Not too many other things bug me, I try to be easy going.

Day 9: What’s on my bucket list?
•visit England, Spain, France and Italy
•take my husband to Sweden to meet my family
•get a tattoo
•visit a winery for a wine tasting weekend
•learn to swim
•stay a weekend in San Francisco with my husband
•go camping with our boys
•add a vlog to my blog
•run a half-marathon in 2 hours

I’ll keep adding to my list now that I’ve started one. And I’ll cross-off as I go to keep you updated. Happy Saturday!



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