Day 4: Best Childhood Memory #31dayMarch

Today is day 4 of my March blog challenge to write every day in March. I am supposed to write about my favorite childhood memory today. Hmmm. First off, I have a terrible memory. There are so many fun times I could write about though. I think one thing that really stands out is the fun I had with my cousins. Between my Mom and my Aunts, there were 12 of us cousins! Growing up in a big family was fun, we always had someone to play with. And I really love my memories of playing in my cousin's backyard, running in the woods while acting out scenes from Macgyver. We would hide from the “bad guys” behind trees and even film some of the scenes that we recreated. Of course none of us know where they are now! I wish we could find them.

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Thanks for reading! What is your favorite childhood memory?



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