Hello! I am Rosie, the Tacoma Working Mom. My Husband and I are a blended family with 4 athletic, wild, entertaining boys I write about my daily life as a working parent, our marriage struggles and parenting. I blog about working mother challenges, volunteering, and all the other little things that come with raising a family including how to succeed as a working mom while maintaining a sense of self and not losing your sanity as a tremendously busy woman! I know I am striving to be successful in all areas of my life, including my personal life and becoming the strong, healthy, confident woman God created me to be. And although I could sit on the couch with my iPad for hours that I don’t have time for reading Mommy Blogs and pinning, I DO like to create quality time without technology for my family. And I write about that too.

As a Tacoma girl, I pride myself on supporting everything local. I try to eat local food from the Farmer’s Market, support local businesses and all around get to know more of what our local community has to offer. That is why I launched my Sponsors Page. I thought that since I am already writing content for our local community (and around the world, by the way!), why not provide a venue that promotes an online word of mouth culture. I hope you will support my sponsors and visit their websites. You may just find something new in your own backyard!

I also offer marketing consulting services through my licensed consulting firm, send me an email for more information.

email: rosie@tacomaworkingmom.com
tweet: @TacomaMomBlog
talk/text: 253-341-0787

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