3 Ways to Respond When You Don’t Get Credit for Your Work.

‘Never stop giving your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.’

There is nothing more frustrating than someone else getting credit for your work. We have all had this happen to us. We don’t get the credit for a new project or idea. I know you have integrity. Work ethic. Talent. But you don’t get credit for it, what’s up with that?

Here are 3 ways to handle the situation with grace:

1. Stay Calm 

It is easy to blow-up at someone that intentionally (or unintentionally) took credit for your idea. Take an hour or even a day to calm down and think about your next steps. 

2. Ask Questions 

Ask questions to the person taking credit or the one giving credit without getting defensive. If you ask questions, rather than make accusations, you can get to the bottom of the situation quicker. With integrity. An example question could be, “Did you feel you hit all the main points during the presentation?” Or “I noticed that when you talked about the project you said ‘I’ instead of ‘we.'” These may seem passive-aggressive, but I believe they will help your colleague become self-aware and recognize what they have done. 

3. Be Proactive 

For future projects, be sure to share the credit by deciding who will present, who will field questions and who will make the announcement to the entire organization if necessary? Determining these things in advance will make the project run smooth while distributing the credit.

Good luck and trust in your integrity, passion and grace. Keep giving your best!

These ideas were inspired by the Harvard Business Review. 

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